Mackenzie || Maple Grove Newborn

I say it time and time again but I am so absolutely thankful to have THE BEST clients in the whole wide world (both parents and kids). Makenzie was such a sweet little sleeper during her session, happy as could be snuggled in with mom and dad. I love all my winter babies born at the tail end of the season, it’s the perfect time to shut yourself in for a few weeks and cuddle your newest little love while you navigate new parenthood.

Makenzie was dressed in a sweet little L’oved Baby sleeper and oh my goodness if you have a baby in your life and have never heard of this brand, you have to buy one. They are organic cotton sleepers, and although the buttons can be a pain (team zippers over here) they are the softest, most comfy little sleepers for babies EVER!

Always and forever I LOVE when clients incorporate their pets into their in home newborn session, I absolutely love seeing how their first babies react to their human babies, it’s honestly so sweet and HILARIOUS at the same time.

February 27, 2019

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